Company profile


RIM has a team of creative, passionate and experienced professionals. So far, the design team has presented a variety of commercial complexes, office, hotel,commercial, apartment, industrial park, urban renewal, residential, rural construction and other types of architectural design works, and also recognized and supported by the industry for the high-quality design. With its global vision, leading professional technology and pragmatic working attitude, RIM's core team has become a long-term stable partner and expert consultant of many government agencies and enterprises, and successively established branch offices in Shanghai, China, Adelaide, Australia.Rigorous,Innovate, Meticulous, are the general comments from customers for RIM. RIM is committed to providing reasonable, innovative and high-achieving works for customers through professional skills that combine the customer's value goals with design ideals.RIM firmly believes that talent is the company's original force, advocating the model of collective participation in creation, providing designers with a plat form for growth and development, and endeavoring to provide each member with broad space and generous treatment. RIM believes that happy work and a good life are equally important.